Dozens Complain To FCC About Chappelle's SNL Monologue

Dave Chappelle's opening monologue on "Saturday Night Live" -- delivered just a few days after the most contentious presidential election in memory -- was lauded for making Americans laugh at a time when they really needed it.

But some people weren't thrilled with the comedian's performance, and apparently felt so strongly about it that they complained to the Federal Communications Commission.

"I cannot believe you allowed the nasty mouth of Dave Chappelle on regular television," one complainant fumed. "This was not HBO or Showtime. Shame on you."

Most of the complaints were triggered by Chappelle's use of the n-word, with several people telling the FCC that the word wasn't censored on the audio track, but was censored in the accompanying captions.

Chappelle's performance was "vulgar, racist and nasty," wrote a viewer from Maryland.

"Are you kidding me," the complainant wrote to the FCC. "This is what our country has come to."

And a viewer from Florida complained that, when airing clips from Chappelle's SNL monologue, news network CNN failed to censor the offending n-bombs as well.

Most of the FCC's responses were form letters that pointed out the commission doesn't actually have the power to censor a specific live program ahead of time, but the FCC told viewers who complained about the lack of closed caption censoring that it was "investigating" the broadcast for a possible violation of the Communications Act, according to copies of the complaints posted on

Chappelle himself steered mostly clear of the ongoing political drama in favor of making observations about the absurdities of U.S. politics, and imagining what a President Donald Trump administration might do.

"America's done it, we've actually elected an internet troll as our president," Chappelle said, drawing laughs from the studio audience.

Just a few days before the election, Chappelle was criticized for ripping on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton during a surprise set at The Cutting Room comedy club in New York.

Chappelle called Trump "the most gangsta candidate ever," according to the New York Observer.

But the comedian had harsh words for both candidates, and said the 2016 race was "gross."

During his SNL monologue, the comedian mostly focused on the reactions to Trump's Nov. 8 win.

"All my black friends who have money said the same thing when Trump got elected: 'That's it bro, I'm out, I'm leaving the country. You coming with us?'" Chappelle said. But the comedian said he responded with "'Nah I'm good dawg, Imma stay here and get this tax break, see how it works out.' 'Cause that's how it is being Dave Chapelle.'"

Sources: Muck Rock, New York Observer, SNL/YouTube, SPIN / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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