Child Uses Mom's Thumb To Unlock Phone, Buys Pokemon

No password? No problem!

A Pokemon-obsessed 6-year-old outsmarted her parents by waiting until her mother was asleep days before Christmas and using her mother's thumb to bypass the biometric lock on her smart phone, clearing away all obstacles to go on an online shopping spree.

The young girl treated herself to $250 in Pokemon merchandise from Amazon, according to CNET.

Mom Bethany Howell of Arkansas was none the wiser -- she was fast asleep on the couch when daughter Ashlynd unlocked the phone, and wasn't roused by her daughter's efforts to defeat the fingerprint lock.

But Howell and her husband eventually saw the items on their credit card statement, and initially believed their Amazon account had been hacked. That's when Ashlynd came clean and confessed she'd ordered the 13 Pokemon-related items herself.

She also told her parents not to worry, because she'd gotten their home address right on the order.

"I didn’t know she knew what Amazon was," the shocked mom told the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, Howell was only able to return four of the 13 items, but Ashlynd won't be seeing all of the others -- at least not any time soon. Bethany told Ashlynd that Santa Claus knew about her trick and wasn't amused, so he wouldn't be bringing her all the gifts she wanted this year.

Still, the Howells laughed off the incident and took a photo of their tech-savvy daughter smiling in front of the Christmas tree with some of the ill-gotten gains of her clandestine shopping spree.

Sources: CNET, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Bethany Johnson Howell/Daily Mail

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