Parents Pay Son $250,000 To Leave Them Alone

An unemployed man took to Reddit to seek advice from fellow users on how to invest money.

“I’ve been 'bought off' by my parents,” the man explained. "They told me I am no longer welcome to live with them, and I guess in some sort of twisted way of not feeling bad about it, they are giving me $250,000 to not contact them ever again."

The man, whose real name was not disclosed, said he believed his brother was always better at everything and that he was a "lost cause."

“It doesn’t mean I did bad," the man wrote. "I was just a little above average while he was always the best at everything; academia, sports, social life, you name it. I don’t know why but my parents seemed to always be ashamed of me. I didn’t get into trouble, I was a quiet kid, I did what I had to do and I tried not to get in anyone’s way.”

The man’s brother died three years earlier, after being in a coma for 27 days following a car accident. He said after his brother died, his parents started comparing him to his brother even more intensely than before. 

"I never wanted to cause any trouble, but I just couldn’t take it anymore and eventually I couldn’t put up with the abuse any longer," the man wrote. "I didn’t do anything radical, I just started talking back and standing up for myself."

When the man went away to college, the tension between him and his parents slightly cleared up. When he returned home to look for a job, however, his parents demanded he leave. 

"Last week my parents told me I have a month to move out and not contact them again,” he wrote. 

The man did not say what he plans to do with the money. 

Sources: Reddit / Photo: Muwad

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