Maisie Williams Talks End Of 'Game Of Thrones'

"Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams opened up to Variety about the show’s impending finale, the shorter episode order for the upcoming season and what it felt like to be nominated for an Emmy.

Williams, who portrays Arya Stark on the massively successful HBO series, spoke to Varity ahead of its premiere in mid-2017 about her feelings on the shorter season seven episode order.

“It sucks for the audience because they love the episodes, but what we’ll never do on this show is drag it out, and I’m so thrilled about that," Williams told Variety in an interview published on Aug. 26.

"Too many shows start out about making a great show, and by season six it’s about making money and all they want to do is write more episodes and make more money,” Williams said, adding that because of its success, it would be easy for HBO to continue the show for several seasons. However, neither the network nor show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have any interest in doing so.

“I really respect David and Dan for holding their ground and for HBO to be like ‘No… we’re gonna tell this story and we’re gonna end it and that’ll be final,’” she said. 

Williams also elaborated on why she felt bringing the series to a close was the best thing to do for the fans, as well as for the cast and crew.

“Good things must come to an end or they’re not good anymore," she said. "It doesn’t last forever and we’ve done what we came to do. It’s time to wrap this up, and it will have the ending it was always supposed to have, and that’s very special."

“David and Dan started writing this show knowing the end, not knowing that it might actually come around and we might be allowed to make that many [seasons]," she continued. "At the beginning we were just willing to make one [season]. They started this with an end in sight, and so it’s exciting to be closing it.”

Williams, who’s just 19-years-old, said it felt “amazing” to be nominated for an Emmy and acknowledged for her work on the groundbreaking series.

“It’s not something that happens all the time because I won’t be young forever, so it means an awful lot to be 19-years-old,” she said. “And there will be people younger than me who have been nominated and younger people than me that have won — it’s not about that … just to be a part of young actors being acknowledged is very special.”

Source: Variety / Photo credit: Suzi Pratt/Flickr

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