Fast & Furious May Bring Back Brian O'Connor

Despite the sudden and tragic death of Paul Walker in 2013, his iconic Fast & Furious character may just live on.

Following Walker’s death, production for Furious 7 was curtailed -- with producers bringing in the actors brothers, Caleb and Cody, to stand in for their deceased sibling. They also rewrote much of the script to give Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor, a proper goodbye.

“We got to understand more about Paul and what he was all about. We had to share Paul with a lot of people, in a weird way. He was gone a lot, he was filming, so we missed him,” Caleb and Cody recently said. “Sometimes at the holidays he wasn’t always there, you know? He tried. We’d see him on set, we visited a few times, but to kind of get that closure, and understanding…Paul was really special.”

Recently, Caleb revealed that Vin Diesel called him to talk about the possibility of bringing the character back for either the upcoming eighth installment or the franchise in general. Diesel reportedly wondered whether it “would be acceptable to maybe bring Paul’s character back…to really kind of let his fans know he’s still out there.”

“Universal wants to make sure to be respectful of Paul and his image too, and his family,” Cody noted. It appears that Walker’s iconic role might still have some life in the future of the Fast & Furious franchise, even if it’s just in the form of cameos. 

Fast 8 is set to open April 17, 2017, with the ninth installment set for a 2019 release and the 10th in 2021.

Source: ScreenRant / Photo credit: ScreenRant 

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